Q: What operating systems do you service?

A: We have extensive experience in all operating systems.  We specialize in Linux operating systems on both the desktop and server platform.  That is not to say that we don't do Microsoft or Mac.  We do that too.  We have come across pretty much everything on all platforms.

Q: Why do you specialize in Linux?

A: Linux as a whole is the most versitile operating system on the planet.  It can be used on anything from a mobile phone, to some mp3 players, to servers, to dessktops.  One thing we really love about it is it's complete inmplementation of the 64-bit platform.  Anhother key being the price tag associated with Linux - ther isn't one.   Becasue of the licenses normally assciated with open source software, you can install most software on a linux machine for free.  As far as apples to apples function, we have not come across a piece of software available for the Mac OSes or Microsoft OSes that don't have a functional equivalent for Linux.

Q: What distributions of Linux do you have the most experience in?

A: We like Ubuntu for the desktop platform.  For servers, we tend to go all over the place.  We have used various CentOS, Ubuntu, rpath, and BSD based distrubutions.

Q: Why do you lean more towards open source software for your customers?

A: Open source software is normally supported by a community of users and developers that actually use the software everyday.  We can honestly say that we have never had a question that went unanswered by a software's support community.  Most problems we've reported have either already been seen and have well documented workarounds, or the developers are unaware of it, and fix the problem so they don't ever encounter it themselves. 

Q: You have answered alot of questions regarding linux and open source software, do you hate the likes of Microsoft and Apple?

A: Not really.  Hate is a very strong word.  We simply prefer community based software because we, as users of the software, have some sort of 'say' in the possible direction of the programs future.  With companies like Microsoft and Apple, for the most part, they make the decisions for you, or without you.  Whether they are good for you or good for them is another matter.  Basically, we just like the word 'community'.  It makes us feel warm and fuzzy.

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